Tuesday, December 30, 2008

When he fell in Love.............


He bound himself in his complacence;
Scared to commit to anyone.
Thought that love would elude his perseverance;
Until he met that special one.


He would observe her from his vicinity;
Amazed by her serenity and aloofness.
She had about her some mystery;
To rid he tried of her shyness.


He awaited a chance for her acquaintance;
The restlessness firmly building on.
A thousand times he would die for her acceptance;
With a determination that would last his life long.


Finally he fell in the right track;
Started the conversation and striding on.
He knew instantly there was no looking back;
Unknowingly the connection happened spot on.


Then the conversations would flow endlessly;
A lasting desire for time to stand still.
A longing for these moments to last for eternity;
For it transcended into something surreal.


Soon they started meeting regularly;
Mutual presence was all they longed.
Each second they spent etched in history;
How he missed this feeling all along.


Now he knew what it felt like;
To live ones life for someone else.
He prayed in love shall all fall alike;
And realize that life truly is bliss.

1 comment:

rohit said...

Ur lucky bro..Hope we can walk on the path uv just drawn!!!